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July 19, 2007


Conservative Gladiator

I know that I’m going to offend some on the right when I say this about Fred Thompson. Before I go there, let me say that outside of politics, I like Fred Thompson a lot. I know enough about him politically through his small and bleak record as a Senator to know that he’s not the right guy. As an actor he’s awesome. I saw him first in Hunt for Red October and a couple of other roles and everytime I saw him I thought “wow, he looks like a cool guy.” He has that down to Earth grandpa look about him. One that for sure makes me feel like he knows you when he meets you but I’m sorry, it’s not going to work in Presidential politics.

Now to the offensive part for some - Religion, the GOP, and Fred Thompson. I think Fred Thompson provides cover for two groups - Southern Evangelical Christians who just can’t find it within themselves to vote for a Mormon and mainstream GOP politicos who think the same way only from a political bent that a Mormon can’t win. I mean why else would someone who has no platform, no message, and no real executive history be rolled out as the TRUE CONSERVATIVE? Before Fred, Rudy someone who is staunchly a Social Liberal was polling high against someone who has been married for 38 years, doesn’t drink, smoke, or seem to have any extraordinary vices. Has 5 sons all of whom are very family oriented like their Dad and still he doesn’t poll well among CHRISTIANS…what gives?

The Draft Fred movement for me is not that big of a mystery. Now I read today on Politico, that realistically Thompson may be inclined to announce somewhere in August after the debate because as his people are saying, “they (Thompson advisors) realize how searing the scrutiny will be and want to be ready. And they want to have more of their staff in place. Thompson has to convince skeptics he’s ready for the race and ready for the job . . .”

Was this “Draft Fred” movement not prepared for this? As I remember it, before Romney jumped in they were already labeling him a “Flip-Flopper” then after he announced, they put a video out about his being essentially “Pro-Choice”, he jumped on it to say “yeah I was wrong and now this is where I’m at.” Didn’t see a Draft Romney movement after that.

Again it’s all about message. Thompson will fade and we’ll see who the mainstream GOP pols and Evangelicals run to after that. Do I hear a Draft Gingrich movement? Evangelicals and the mainstream GOP pols are going to have to eventually face the reality that Romney is the one to get behind…the question is will they?

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