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August 15, 2007



Let me start out by saying that I'm opposed to government-to-government foriegn aid, no matter who the recipient. The US Federal government has several clear duties as outlined in Article 1, Section 8, none of which is to dole out US-taxpayer funded aid to foreign governments, not to Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, or even Israel. This also happens to be the position of Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

This will certainly make the Israeli-lobby pound their fists and cry anti-Israel, or anti-semetic, which mostly just serves to diminish the true meaning of those terms. Oddly, no one accuses me of being anti-Egyptian.

Dr. Paul and those that support him are pro-American. We believe that the US citizen can make the best possible use of her own property (money). If all of these "mainstream" groups support Israel to the extent that they claim, then surely they can raise the money privately and mail it off to the Israeli government.

America First.

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