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August 14, 2007



I like the title "When it Comes to Stem Cell Research, Don't Play Politics" The author was directing it at George Bush, but that title could also hold true for state stem cell research in New Jersey. To often the democrats have been patting themselves on their backs taking credit for moving forward on Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research. Yet they only funded 5 embryonic stem cell research grants while funding 28 grants involving adult stem cells or cells that the federal government has no restrictions on. What's even more notable is that the NJ Bond Issue for the Stem Cell Institute specifies $50 million be set aside exclusively for Adult Stem Cell Clinical Trials. Shouldn't the New Jersey program which was set up and sold as a means of doing the research Bush restricted have more than lip service on Embryonic Stem Cell Research. NJ voters want it, so the Politicians Hype it, yet it seems like the funding is going to adult stem cell research. Adult stem cell research may offer more economic gains, but that is not what we were hoping for. We were looking for research that had promise to cure otherwise incurable disease.

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