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May 19, 2008



Obama stated that as President of the United States he would definitely support Israel, however if you visit the liberal democratic blog sites, it's obvious that an overwhelming number of Obama's constituents are pro-palestinian and anti-Israel. This dynamic also exists with Jeremiah Wright and the church Obama attended for 20 years. Obama has to look like he supports Israel to win the Presidency, however what about after he gets elected ... if he gets elected. If it becomes politically expedient, will Israel become expendable, just as Jeremiah Wright did? In the meantime, numerous Jewish journalists, and politicians are endorsing Obama. I suppose this provides them with acceptance in the leftist progressive world, and or protects their individual success and ambitions, since Obama appears to be the next democratic candidate. Anti-semitism runs rampid just under the surface in society. I just hope that Obama will not betray the jews, if it becomes a way to appease the Islamic world.

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