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February 21, 2006


steve expat

Can anyone even conjure up something that the Bush Administration could do that won't just be brushed off by the media and the American people?

Jeffery Faulk

It's hard to believe, isn't it? These people have no shame. None.


"Can anyone even conjure up something ... that won't just be brushed off by the media and the American people?" No. I used to think that it would take one of them shooting someone and being seen with the smoking gun in his hands. But no, that won't do it either.


The American people have stopped brushing it off. Of course, you wouldn't know that unless you follow the polls because the media & the Republican Congress continue to behave like nothing is going on.

This is a very shocking (also revolting) story, Jeff Hauser. It ought to be actionable, if not illegal. Some day....


Why does this not surprise me.

The Town Crier

what else is new? whats ok for them is not ok for us and they will do whatever they need to to win despite how wrong it is and hope to never get caught. the couble standard is sick.


You guys should check out jewsforlife's website run by a Jewish Republican

Ron Gillespie

The only thing shocking about this is that former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir agreed to this!

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