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February 16, 2006


The Town Crier

It is sad that many of our fellow Jewish Community just don't get it when it comes to people like Hyde.

I saw this live on cspan and I couldnt believe my ears (especially on something that was known was going to be unanimous) that he coukd put such a positive spin on Terrorists.

Richard Silverstein

I'm a yellow dog Dem through & through, but I'm with Hyde on this one. No one thinks Hamas is pure as driven snow. No one is confident that Hamas can change its stripes or that it even wants to.

But there may be a chance, just a chance that this could happen if Israel & the U.S. play their cards right. Introducing draconian measures threatening Hamas w. dire consequences if they do this or don't do that doesn't get us anywhere. It only reinforces the same old propagandistic responses that ea. side has had toward the other fr. time immemorial.

I'm with Tom Friedman on this: test Hamas; see how much flexibility there is behind its rhetoric. Don't torpedo Hamas before it even gets going in terms of running the PA. If you are overtly hostile to Hamas that only plays into the hands of its rejectionist wing. If you are more patient, then you just might be rewarded by real change on the part of Hamas.

Do I know that I am right on this? No. But do I know that all out war on Hamas fr. the U.S. Congress is the wrong way to go. You bet.

Vikram Jagadish

I can't believe that so many of our fellow Jews are joining the GOP even in light of the Republican's wanton hypocrisy on Israel. It is as if they are wilfully ignoring the Democrats' better record on Israel for their own selfish interests.

Malcolm peskoff

Hamas has indicated it has no intention of negotiating with Israel.
It has called for the destruction of Israel.
Anyone who talks about flaws in Hamas.
Just imagine sitting in a cafe in NYC, Chicago,
L.A., or any large U.S. City, and you live in fear of a
suicide bomber setting off a charge.
Or shopping in a super market.
In reply to above, Thomas Friedman was wrong about the P.L.O, and definitely wrong about
HAMAS wants no Israel.
They have made that quite clear.

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