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March 27, 2006


Checking out the conference site revealed an actual panel of "Jews Confronting the War on Christians". After I stopped laughing I googled these guys. None of the organizations represented seem very legit, but it is embarressing nonetheless to have Rabbis participating in a conference such as this. Perhaps I should be happy that after two thousand years the Christians are having a get together to discuss their supposed discrimination and not blaming a Jewish cabal for all of their problems.

Marti Abernathey

They've learned much from the Bush administration as far as naming something in a way as to be the total opposite of the truth. Kinda like the "Clear Skies" initiative. Christian's are at war... with the truth, their own religion (as they don't really follow Christ's words or actions)and the Constitution.

Merrie Behar

These right-wing Christians need to go back to Sunday school and revisit the catechism. Jesus was a liberal. The problem with this right-wing sect is that it does not want to follow its leader, namely Jesus. These individuals are going to have to find something else to hide behind. Americans are already wise to their hypocrisy and dirty politics.

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