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September 21, 2006


Phoenix Woman

Thank you so much for stepping forward to condemn the disgusting Republican attacks on Keith Ellison, who has been a pillar of the Twin Cities community and a friend to Israel. If Keith is to be condemned for working on the Million Man March over a decade ago, then Keith's attackers must also condemn Joe Lieberman for his political courtship of Louis Farrakhan in the year 2000 -- which was well after Keith Ellison had ceased dealing with Farrakhan. (


Thanks for sharing this.


Keep it up! I think Ellison would be a great person to have in Congress! If I was in his district, I would vote for him!

Julian Mazili

I am proud of having a muslim congressman in congress. Finally.
show the world that Islam doesn't tolerate killings and it is for peace and justice, just like our holy prophet taught us.
Good luck, Brother.

Kent Schubitzke

Let me ask one question, If Mr. Ellison is such a great guy, why won't he swear his oath on the Bible? He would rather do it on the koran.
This is the United States of America, right?


he shouldnt have to swear his oath on the bible. because his is not a christian,whats the diffirence, whats wrong with the supports peace and brotherhood just like the bible.We shouldnt base america on religion if we do we will just be like the middle east.
"Im so proud to have a muslim in muslims in america have something to be proud of.

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