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February 12, 2007



Come on now. Not to justify Henry Ford's behavior but his myth is taught in every high school American history class - he's considered to be an American patriot.

There's an (offensive) expression "scratch a goy, find an anti-Semite." The point is, don't - you can find it anywhere if you want to.

Seriously - get real!

Larry B.

This is so silly. Romney is probably the best friend you will find. Please don't become so easy to outrage. The Ford you are concerned with died a long time ago. Romney is just announcing at a museum. Turn your venom towards those people that are really out to get you, not Mitt Romney.

kyle n

seriously, how many people know that ford was an anti-semite? consequently, how much would that play into romney's analysis of where to hold his announcement? more weighty considerations would include: 1) that the museum is located in michigan and; 2) that the museum is a symbol of innovation, research, change, and improvement, all characteristics romney would want to develop in the public's perception of him. this was not meant as an endorsement of anti-semitism or even of henry ford, and few people will veiw it as such.

Jeff H

"seriously, how many people know that ford was an anti-semite?"

No decision is more closely analyzed at a Presidential campaign than how they will open it -- it's on their schedule and it is their opportunity to frame their entire campaign.

As such, I can assure you that every stone was turned over in this process, just as it was with Edwards (New Orleans), Obama (Springfield), and every other D and R.

Romney chose his symbolism carefully, and thus he invites scrutiny to his decision. If this were a random event in his campaign, your point might well be apt.

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