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August 13, 2007



I saw Brownback on CSPAN the other day addressing voters at a church--I believe in Iowa. He mentioned meeting Mother Theresa and repeated four times what she repeated to him four times -- "All for Jesus."

Daniel Margolis

Despite this article and what may appear to be a self-evident argument for why Jews should be D(d)emocrats, it is quite clear that increasing numbers of us (not all of them in the oligarchic class) are voting Republican. It would be an important and strategically useful research study to try to find out why. Isn’t there someone (Soros? Bloomfield?) who could fund a reasonably comprehensive, though quick study (survey, focus groups, interviews) to try and discover why this is happening? Our candidates could then use those data to help solidify their positions, try to get an additional 10%-20% of Jewish votes confirmed (esp. in Florida and California). We can play niche politics, too…can’t we?

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