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January 18, 2008



Once a racist always a racist, it is always lurking under the surface. Limbaogh, a drop out and uneducated clown, is uping the anti, with his gutter type statements. We the jewish community need to state NO JEW will/should ever vote for the GOP. The GOP have manipulated us, into thinking they are for us and support us, for too long now. It has to end. I am sick and tired of cowering before them and thier racist hate.How ugly to raise Hitler under these circumstance. What are they going to public meetings displaying Guns, what kind of a mind set is that? Coupled with their NAZI rehtoric are they intending to shoot any jew who gets in their way . This is the very same attitude these thugs have that got them into the Holocast mesuem to do their Mischef. My anger is boiling over.

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