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April 22, 2008



I believe that if we only vote for candidates that have an energy independence policy, many if not most of these problems will resolve themselves. We are addicted to paying tyrants and terrorist for oil. To keep or get this oil we fight costly wars that are environmentally destructive. If we use only domestic sources of energy the reduced transportation costs alone will save energy and the environment. The green and alternative technologies are 10 to 20 years away from wide scale use because of their inadequate availability and conversion efficiencies. But we have enough, nuclear, coal,oil and natural gas to go energy Independent now. All we have to do is follow the lead of other countries who have done it, Brazil, Denmark, France and Australia.

Jennifer Kefer

Well said. Our tradition demands that we respond to climate change - not just for our own safety, but for the safety of future generations. I absolutely agree that President Bush has not taken sufficient steps to respond to this crisis. To see more about the President's inadequate response and to learn more about more progressive climate change legislation currently being considered in Congress (and embraced by Senators Obama and Clinton), visit my post on the COEJL blog at: While this legislation is not sufficient in itself, it takes a critical first step in the right direction.

Liore Milgrom-Elcott

Hopefully soon we will have proper governmental leadership that will deal with the real issues of climate change and we need to do all that we can in order to make that happen.

Until then (and after), we can pull the myriad Jewish sources for Earth stewardship. From buying local produce ( to planting a garden ( - there are many Jewish reasons to be green.

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