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July 02, 2008



well caught. I wrote about this at Daily Kos, with MANY Nazi and Arab cartoons that the FOX News propaganda perfectly mirrors. Feel free to use it, and it will emphasize their perfidy.

Michael Betz

How can I target the advertisers on FoxNews?

It is time to choke this network off at the money source.



I don't think FOX personnel would waste their time doing something as stupid as this. I think the whole thing is another set-up to portray FOX as racist and anti-semitic, just because they are not swooning at the feet of Obama. This whole thing seems like something someone went on YouTube and created. It just doesn't make any sense. When was this supposedly done...what time and on what program? Why no relevant information?

Jody McG

Dear Michael,
I hope you come back and read the site again. Here's a link to the Fox News Clip. Not only was the picture purposefully and skillfully distorted the anti-semitic remarks speak for themselves. Fox is an equal opportunity racist propaganda machine. Just google Fox racism and see how the Hispanic and African American community have reported and linked clips. Sorry that the truth hurts. The truth is racism in any form hurts.

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