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August 29, 2008


She was also a Buchanan supporter.

Joe Barone

I wonder if Sarah Palin is a Jesus-only Christian. And I also wonder if groups like the Christian Coalition and Focus on the Family believe that Israel had to be reestablished so that it could be destroyed as a precondition of the second coming of Jesus. Many fundamentalist Christians do believe this. I hadn't ever thought of these questions until I read your comments today.


Who is she ? Never heard of her before. Mc Cain it is a loss

JohN McCain Made a very bad choice! How could he every choose this women!! He just lost the election for the Republican party!


She's a creationist; nuff said.

Ted Wankovsky

I agree this is a unacceptable choice for vice president, not because she hasn't made any statements about Israel (why would the govenor of Alaska) she is unacceptable because she is highly unqualified for this position, and was only picked for the political reason to try and attract women voters that were aligned to Hillary. I think this choice is an insult to the intelligence of those who supported Hillary, and all other well qualified women capable of holding this office or the Presidency.

I never heard of her until Friday. After reading about her, I can't imagine what McCain could've been thinking. It seems he wasn't thinking at all. I see her as a fascist, close-minded and not interested in women's rights, or anyone's rights, except for her own. I think this nailed his coffin for defeat in November. She might have many more children with Down's syndrome because she doesn't believe in birth control or abortion. She won't have time for the job.

Doesn't hold Back

After reading her history and what her beliefs are, I think she's a Nazi. I wonder if she'd admit to being an anti-Semite. She is living in the 18th century. Since she doesn't believe in birth control or abortion, she may have several more children with Down's syndrome, and she won't have time for government work. Her beliefs are so out-of-touch with women today, I can't understand how ignorant Alaskan people are!?


I was thinking for a while that with all the burgeoning scandals surrounding her, Palin must have been deliberately handpicked, designed to kill the momentum and the euphoria of the DNC. She'd be the sacrificial lamb who would keep the democrats out of the spotlight as each sordid personal detail is exposed. It was just too preposterous that such a controversial figure would have been considered viable.
Perhaps, I though, the GOP is using her as a decoy to sneak something/someone far more formidable under the noses of the electorate, and in two days she'd be withdrawn.
But they're actually serious! This choice pours pure contempt on the intelligence and on the pride of the American people.

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